Kitchen {the plan}

Let's talk kitchen, because, OMG we are gearing up to finish this puppy off and I couldn't be more excited. The kitchen has come a LONG way. Before it was SO dark - navy painted ceiling, plywood black floors, brown cabinets...the trifecta of greatness.

Really, just a good coat of paint could have livened up that space. We wanted to take it a bit further, and open up the wall leading into the dining room. While also closing up the back area (perhaps a breakfast nook at one point) making it into a laundry/bathroom. The wall opening though - game changer:

 Taking down that wall was one of the first things we ever did to the space.

And a few throwbacks looking into the kitchen:

Some other notable items we have completed in this space: fixing the upstairs leaky bathroom so we could cover up the hole in the ceiling...also, adding more lights and painting the ceiling white. TBT to that delicious navy color...(hi dad!!)

 Oh, and that faux brick. My mom and I were standing in the kitchen one day, likely making sure my dad wasn't going to fall off the ladder, and we just started chipping away at the brick. Little did we know there was 4" of dead space back there. Anything to add a little SF to this baby!

 So, now we are here, left with a blank space and READY to get 'er done.

 We have been scheming this room since before we even got the keys to the house. We had a longer than normal closing, so I ordered ALL the tile samples and ALL the cabinet door samples to wrap my head around what we wanted to do here. Initially we were going to order all new cabinets. When we were designing the new layout, we kept coming back to the exact same layout that is currently there. Upon further inspection, the cabinet boxes weren't THAT bad, just needed a little TLC, much like my last kitchen. So, during all the demo, we took off the old cabinet doors to paint the boxes in preparation. We plan to order new ones from Cabinet Door World, shaker style. We will paint those ourselves in the spring and FINALLY rid ourselves of the open-cabinet concept life.

As for flooring, we are leaning toward a darker color, like a shade darker than concrete. We found a sample at The Tile Shop that fit the bill (more to come on that). It is ceramic, and has some blue/grey undertones with some variation. Playing off those colors, we are hoping to land on a countertop that is white, with some grey veining to tie it all in together. TBD on if that'll be marble, quartz, or granite...people seem to have ALL the opinions on that.

We both LOVED how the backsplash turned out in my old house, I used a glass tile from The Tile Bar. To make this kitchen feel a little larger i'm thinking of doing a 2x8 versus the typical 3x6 subway tile..and Coastal Dew is speaking to me currently...

OK, need a visual?! Me too...Here we go:

First things first - the FLOORING. We are getting that ordered soon here, along with the heated floors. When we renovated the back (now) bathroom, we removed the radiator that was servicing that area of the house. It actually hasn't gotten TOO cold in that area, but supplemental heat is defiantly necessary (LOL #TBT to frozen pipes over Christmas). We are going to install electric radiant heat pads under the tile for that area and I am SO excited about that.

Here is a break down of what's to come:
  • New flooring (level floors, install radiant heat, lay tile)
  • Install and trim out doorway into bathroom
  • Build cabinet around fridge and chimney stack
  • Paint and hang cabinet doors
  • Replace countertops (install new drawers, new sink/faucet)
5 bullet points doesn't seem like alot, but each item is a BIG item. So, really it's like a million things to do, but we are excited!