De-tangled Art

I, like many girls, always have the issue of tangled jewelry. As i'm rushing out the door for work I almost always neglect my collection of necklaces and earrings due to an entangled mess. Here is how my bathroom was this morning to give you a little picture:
Too many various bags full of a random collection of jewelry and hair products. So mission of the day was to make a jewelry stand. I decided not to go with a closed container as 1) I will probably continue my jewelry tossing habits and 2) Jewelry is art, so why not show it off! Stopped at Goodwill the other day and picked up these gems to help in my project:
I took out the creepy picture and attached some pegboard to the back of it- note to self: have dad teach you how to use the nail gun!
I went for a white on white color so it wasn't too distracting from the colors in the jewelry.
Scavenged up some white pant from my parents basement, I think I used ceiling paint, but it worked nice since it was a thicker paint.
Looks much better don't you think! Might have something to do with cleaning the bathroom :)
I strung some leftover ribbon I had through the pegs to hang my earrings. For my necklaces I hung 4 S hooks in the pegs. 
Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. And magically, when you make this jewelry organizer...the rest of your bathroom looks clean too :)

    But for real...this is sweet. In the right home, it would have looked cool if you left the frame distressed too.