Hello bloggers, my name is Jenn.

Yes, its Jenn (with 2 N's) and I'm here to save the world. I can't attribute my new found bloggyness to a new years resolution or lent since they are long past, but hey! Its the first 60 degree sunny day in Minnesota, reason enough to celebrate?! Anyways, here I am, and I would like to cordially introduce myself. I am a twenthysomething girl who got shoved out of school with out a map and compass. It took me a year to recover from receiving a piece of paper with "Bachelors of Design in Architecture" written on it from the University of Minnesota. This past year has taught me that one degree just isn't cool enough anymore, so this fall I will begin an adventure to receive a Masters of Science in Sustainable Design.

To kick off my blog I thought I'd post something that I think is the coolest invention of ALL time. I can't wait to get one for myself once I finally move out of my parents house :)

Cool huh! No need to buy replacement containers or (if you already use bar soap) you don't need to set it all soapy and wet back on your vanity! Genius! I love finding simple solutions to everyday tasks- great design Nathalie!

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