Hug a Tree!

Now this is a topic I can actually say "back in my day..." Growing up, tree forts were not prefabricated gems shipped in a crate with directions in 14 languages. They were found under the trampoline in the backyard, in the shed (until we saw a bat fly out!) or, assembled with a hammer, nails, scrap wood and some elbow grease. My neighbor assembled one with just those tools, but being the younger sister of a 'cool kid' I was never let in (in retaliation, he is now working at pizza hut, and I am a college graduate. Ha!) Anyways, I was watching Modern Family (on ABC family, a must see) the other night when they showed Lily's 'tree house' which was something along the lines of this:
Now, my first thought was, America must be low on elbow grease because WHAT is more fun as a child than to build something! We must be harvesting some pretty lazy future generations, OR, better yet, we just have an amazing current generation. Case and point, the following tree houses:
I personally think the best tree houses would be one of Patrick Dougherty's art installations. He makes his art from twigs around the area he is installing and leaves them there to decompose. Each form looks like it was meant to be there and just blew right in place.

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