I want, I want, I neeeeeeeeeeed.

I have been finding some items lately via the Internet machine that I MUST share. I don't care if you "were the first person to EVER find this" and I'm such a copy cat for liking it. The following are on my "I want, I want, I neeeeeeeed" list currently.

1. ANYthing from Anthropoligie seriously. They have some pretty rad stuff, here is a little taste:

2. Jo Totes. I got a big Nikon camera about 3 years ago and the only thing that is annoying about it is its size and carrying it around. I would either have to have my purse items in my big ugly camera bag, carry two bags, or put my camera in my purse and risk it getting nicked- such the oppressed life here. Obviously I love the pink, but they are out of stock. So I'd go with the green :) 

Speaking of purses, I've also got my eye on this gem. Finally found it in pink at Nordstroms!

3. Novica/Nadeau/Etsy. One of my favorite parts of traveling is acquiring sweet things from all around the world. The only trouble is always trying to get it home. I first saw this type of store in Uptown called Nadeau they buy from all over the world and bring back unique, one of a kind (and reasonably priced) items. More and more websites are popping up allowing people to easily sell their hand made items, like Etsy. I am really liking black and white prints lately and want to get some canvases to make my own creation. I also really love vintage cameras.
 Novica brought to the world by National Geographic, does much of the same. The stuff comes from all over the world, and with each purchase you get a little description of the artisan. These two are my favorite, I'm really into vases....maybe its because I got flowers today at work :)

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