Indoor Air Quality

As spring finally rolls around and the much anticipated 'spring cleaning' mode hits us all, I thought I'd share a little bit about indoor air quality, and an awesome idea to not only improve it but make your house look good doing it! Your air quality can be inhibited by pollutants such as asbestos, radon, building material furnishings and your heating and cooling systems. Indoor air quality is crucial for our short term, as well as long term health; symptoms can range from headaches to respiratory disease. By improving your air quality you are not only breathing in healthier air, but lowering subsequent medical bills- being green saves green!

There are many ways to increase your air quality inside your home, but a simple and aesthetically pleasing way is to add some green. Instead of going the traditional route of buying a large plant and placing it in the corner of the room to be ignored, you can create a work of art to enhance your boring walls. I first came upon this idea from a student competition, to read more about this project and how it incorporates rain harvesting, go here.
Each planted box can be customized by moving the boxes around as you see fit. The next example is from the company Urbio. They have the same customization idea but with a more modern look to it. 
Magnets attach each pot to a customized location on the grid.
You can also screw two holders to each other for a nice table arrangement.
Now, if you are feeling very motivated, you can make your own! Here is an example of simply hanging planted pots on a wall. Click here to get some ideas on plants that thrive indoors for your design.
And for the extra crazy motivated kids out there- take a look at the Japanese inspired hanging plants. Using moss, twigs, twine and a pretty plant you can suspend plants into the air. If you have small children or curious cats, I would stay away from this idea!

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