Junk in my Trunk

So, although it is nearing my bedtime, I wanted to share with you the FINAL product of my first estate sale find. Last winter my boyfraaaand and I stopped at an estate sale in Uptown. Although these are a little sad, they had some amazing finds. I was currently on a mission to find a trunk. I always wanted one, I think they are totally underutilized these days. So after a little digging we found this gem in the basement and snatched it right away:
Pretty fugly, but it had nice bones so I bought it (5$ less than originally offered too!) I liked the little shelving inside and the wood bars around the outside. It needed a little TLC though. After scrubbing off years of dust and grease I tackled the inside. There was a thin layer of tan wallpaper type of material that needed to come off. I used DIF and scraped it right off revealing some beautiful wood planks. The original plan was the paint the inside, but these were too pretty to cover.
The shelf inside was made from what looked like the same wood, but was in pretty rough shape....so that got a coat of paint.
Then I had the top and bottom interior to deal with. Both had the same wallpaper material on it but also a layer of insulation directly under that I didn't want to get rid of. I decided the cover the bottom in that stuff you cover your drawers with (and idea courtesy of my mother)...name unknown but it worked! When I acquired the trunk I also got some awesome newspaper clippings from the 30's. I wanted to keep those so I decoupaged them to the top.

The handle broke during transportation and needed to be 'handled'...hehe. My dad is the master of all trades and came up with a nice contraption that will ensure the handle goes no where...

There is a piece of metal behind there linking the two strips together. To hide this mess and beef up the strength of the handles I wrapped rope around them and painted it black (because I obviously only have hot pink rope handy!)

Sanded (and sanded....and sanded....and sanded....) and then varnished all of the wood, and spray painted the rest black and here is the final product!

Notice there is snow outside on the original photos....took a bit longer than I thought to finish but defiantly worth it!

Now onto my next project, involving the following stump my father and I rolled up our hill...care to take a shot at what I'm going to turn it into?!
Note: there were no trees injured in the making of this blog entry. The tree had long deceased and was chopped down by Paul Bunyan last fall. 

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