Snowed In...

Dear Minnesota, Its April. You should be rainy and wet not windy and SNOWING. Days like these remind me why I love to travel so much. I love having Minnesota as my home to come to, but I looooooove traveling and taking photos. I was fortunate enough this year to drain my bank account and take some trips. I've been working on uploading these pictures to my Flickr, apparently I hit my limit for this month... so in the mean time i'll share some snow-day-photo-editing I've done.
Kaua'i Hawaii  2010
Kaua'i Hawaii  2010
New York 2010
Burano Island, Italy 2011
Riomaggiore, Italy 2011
Hydra, Greece 2009
San Diego, California 2010
I am currently taking donations to assist in my future travel plans! Gracias, Ciao!

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