In honor of today's sunshine

I got to roll down my windows today, not because I wanted to stick my head out like a dog, but simply because I was warm! Felt amazing, you should try it sometime. I also have a sunroof, which is new to me, and I kinda felt like I was in a roller coaster when I stick my hands out of it. Made my day.

In honor of the sun, I thought I'd share a little trend going on in the interior design world...and how to make one for super cheap-because these suckers can range from around $50 to $200 depending on how crazy you are. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a few examples:
I ventured (by bike! so eco...) over to Michael's to pick up some supplies. All you need is a mirror, wood circle, and wood rods. If I did this over again, I would go with thicker rods and a larger mirror...I would also wait until the end to spray paint. SO! I cut down the wood rods to size (about a foot each) and spray painted them black. I used a hot glue gun...just because it was handy. Probably best to use wood glue on this sucker but it seemed to work fine. 
Glue all of the rods around, I varied the length they stuck out (using drawn circles as guides). Then I glued on the mirror on the front side and voila! My own sunburst for under $20. Here is the wall pre-sunburst addition....
And with the new addition...

Notice those bottles on the table? Evidence of today's goodwill run, I think they are so neat! I can't decide if I want to put tall candles in them or flowers....decisions decisions...Dan what do you think?!


  1. Tall candles look sweet

  2. yeah the candles would look better and thanks for this tutorial, i really want a sunburst mirror for my room

  3. Sunburst Mirror = So freaking cute! Think I need to make myself one of these!!