These people are smart

You know when you come across something (typically something that has made someone MILLIONS) and thought, WHY didn't I think of that?! Well that happened a few times for me today. Not only do I wish I invented these gems, but I wish I had them (well all but one right now, I'm sure you can guess which one!)

1. Contrary to what boyfriend may think, I do shave my legs occasionally. My razor during college had a sweet attachment to the wall which after much usage has found its way to the trash bin. Now I must rest my razor on a wire shelf with holes perfectly shaped to allow my razor to fall through. UNLESS....I had this gem. The only thing I wish was different, would be a changeable blade so you didn't have to keep buying an entire razor.
2. Okay a little morbid, but I'm sure there are some people out there who think its a little crazy that everyone gets a 3x10 plot of land to themselves for the rest of eternity. I can't wait until the generation comes upon us where there's no more room for live people because the dead are taking up too much space. I think if your going to go, this next product is a great idea. Some people prefer the traditional grave with stone, or entire statue depending on your ego or pocket size. Some enjoy to be put in a pretty jar on a shelf. How about we turn into trees! Trees are much prettier to look at than grave stones, AND they are better for the environment! This company Martin Azua has made an urn out of all natural materials and contains a seed at the bottom (you can choose the type of tree you want!). You place your ashes into this container, add water and watch your loved ones grow!
3. What to do with wasted office about making them into a pencil! I want this! You insert your paper like you would into a shredder, and out pops a pencil ready for you to use! What a smart way to up cycle office paper!

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