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So by now, if you have been a reader, you probably know that I enjoy a good craft. Life has been crazy lately, as all summers are, so my list of crafts has exceeded a single side lined piece of paper (which I keep in my work desk for safe keeping!). Since I haven't had time to share the makings of these future crafts, I thought I'd share a few inspirational pieces I have come across, along with some tricks of the trade I've been learning...

It was a bittersweet moment when I saw this. A while back I was a nanny for two years, and if you have ever been one you know that crafts are crucial to making the day pass. I carried in my car a crate of craft supplies, one item in here was a HUGE bag of amazing buttons. The current location of this bag is unknown to me, but once I find it, this belt is mine!

Super cute for a centerpiece, would also look nice horizontally with a few candles on one log!
Caulk so your rugs don't slip!

Hot vinegar to paintbrushes takes off old paint and makes them good as new!

I wonder how long the apples would stay?

Boyfriend thinks this will ruin your shoes, I beg to differ and intend on proving him wrong!

I love the thick frame, and towel/coat rack idea!

Must drink more vino.

Cute and inexpensive centerpiece

Eucalyptus in the shower to relieve sinuses!

I will be doing this someday. I will.

Anyone know how these pictures look? Debating if its worth it to try?
 That's all for now! All of the photos from here are pinned to my DIY board on Pinterest if you are curious on learning more!

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