Trip to Boston

Everyone knows the term 'stop to smell the flowers'....but does anyone really do that these days? Well, you really should, because they smell really good. I was recently in Boston for school and we took a trip to an arboretum that a Harvard professor started. He was doing a study to prove that the climate in Asia mimicked the one in America and that plants and trees over there could survive over here. I'm pretty sure he was right judging by what I saw. We had the whole morning to wonder around the arboretum to take pictures and sketch. We took some samples (don't tell anyone!) back to the classroom 6th grade style to look at them through a microscope. Plants are so crazy! Anyways, enough of that, here are some images from our trip.

Succulent! to make beer!
After a bike ride one day we went to an ice cream shop. I got the Toto pop shown above. They made it using a spoon as a stick (if it falls apart you have a spoon to eat it!) and a plastic bag and twine. Oh and the flavor was Mocha...yum!

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