Crate Shelving

 Once the office got painted I moved over all of the 'office' related junk into the room. This room would function as a craft room and study room. I wanted to organize my crafting material so it would be easy to get to. I bought some crates on Craigslist a few weeks ago, dusted them off and brought them up to function as crafting storage.

 Here is the (newly painted) wall to house the shelving right next to my desk and awesome chair that my little sister found at a garage sale last spring. At first I defiantly wanted to recover it...but the pattern is growing on me....thoughts?!
 I organized the shelving to how I wanted it to look and located the studs in the wall. The crates were pretty heavy so they needed to be connected to a stud.
 We connected the crates with these L shaped connectors my father had laying around.
 Here it is! I love the weathered look and imperfections in the crates. Great shelving unit for $30!

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