Grown up organization

Now that I have a grown up job I have to deal with 401k's and medical benefits and blah blah blah. Its all very overwhelming and confusing. On top of that I have grad school to attend to. Because of this my desk has become a huge stack of nicely sorted papers concerning all my grownup decisions. I needed a storage bin to get them out of the way (and out of my eyesight...). Last week during a trip to Goodwill I found this gem:
 Now I did not like the colors, but I did like the price!
 And it came fully loaded with files!
 I had some leftover fabric from another project and cut it to the size of the top of the container.
 I used a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the lid. I folded over the sides like wrapping a present.
 Tada! I am organized! Now you can all stop losing sleep over my unorganized life :)

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