Lo(n)g Time Coming

 As the following pictures indicate, this project started around April and just ended in October. I needed a side table in my bedroom for zero dollars. I came home one Sunday and my father was chopping down a tree. I grabbed a sled and rolled a log up the hill (not as easy as I am making it sound.)
Once we got it up the hill we needed to strip the bark. You want to make sure the log sits out for awhile (months) to dry out. Also make sure there are no little friends living in the log :)
 We stripped the bark off the log and rolled it the rest of the way up the hill into our garage, where it sat all summer...
Once we stripped it I sanded the bejesus out of it for about four weeks. I used about 40 different kinds of sanders, if you are curious about this step... ask my father.

 My dad took the chain saw on one side to work. I wanted to cut a section out for a few reasons. One, this thing was heavyyyyyyy...and two, I wanted a little ledge for my phone to charge on. I also might sew something into the side so my iPad can slip into it. But that's a project for future Jenn.
 I added leg raisers from Ikea, but later took them off. The log was tall enough without them once I placed it into my room. I stained the log dark to hide some imperfections in the wood. I also added a 'plastic' coating to protect the finish and add shine. Here is the final product in action!

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