Cut Cancer for Renee

As some of you may know, my aunt Renee was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Lung cancer this past year. Mesothelioma is a rare type of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure- she is still unsure when/where this occurred. Because this is so rare, Renee had to travel to Boston to have surgery at Bringham Hospital. Her Surgeon removed one lung from her diaphragm. Recently they found the cancer in her liver and she is participating in a clinical trial study based in Boston. Due to the surgery and the chemo treatments Renee has not been able to work since June and continues to travel to Boston once a week to receive treatments and have some tests done.

To help my aunt with the costs of this treatment, my family is putting on a benefit (full of awesome food and drinks!). Visit this website for more information:

In preparing for the event, I had been asked by my uncle Gary to make some t-shirts for the volunteers who have graciously agreed to help during the day. We also wanted to get some thank-you cards made for all of the beautiful people out there who have made donations. It is really amazing how quick people come together when someone in your family is hurting. 

I made both documents in Illustrator. I downloaded a few new fonts to play with and used the brush tool to create the scissors. 

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