2 Piece Dress

Ever have that problem where you LOVE the dress but hate how it fits? Straps too long/short, neckline too long/short ect ect. Well there is this tank top at Heartbreakers in Uptown that fits me perrrrrrfectly. SO! I decided to attach a skirt to it and make it into a dress! 
 I made the base of the dress a "bubble" dress, I folded over the fabric so each side has the fabric face up. The size should be from the bottom of your bra to the length you want it (right above the knee). Wrap the fabric about 1.5 times around your waist and cut there (I am not really into precise measuring...have you noticed?!)
 This is kind of hard to see but I wanted to show how I stretch the elastic. I measure increments in each piece (the elastic band and the fabric). Measure 1/4. 1/2 and 3/4 (or more if needed). This will help know how much to stretch the elastic when you stitch (zig zag style!)
 Here is how each side should look

 I cut the skirt into two to make it easier to stretch the elastic, here are the two pieces finished
 Put on the tank top you bought to attach to the skirt. cut it a few inches below your bra line
 Visualize the dress....
 Pin the tank to the skirt and stitch, long stitches to allow the dress to expand.

Here is the flip side. Next you will sew a band to tie across the seam. Mine was 3 inches and I wrapped it twice around my waist...Still need pictures of it on! Stay tuned!

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