Maxi Dress

For my first try at a skirt, I wanted to go as basic as I could. I went with a Maxi dress design with a simple elastic waist. I bought 2 yards of jersey fabric and went to town.
 Materials you will need: about 1.5 yards of jersey fabric, an elastic band (I chose a 1in. band) and matching thread. Measure the length from your hip to the floor. Cut the fabric that measurement by 1.5 yards
 Cut the elastic band the length of your waist, at the location you'd like the dress to sit. I cut mine 2 inches shorter to keep it from falling down.
 Fold over the fabric and lay the ban on top, you will be sliding the band through the hole you stitch, so make sure you are giving yourself enough room.
 Stitch across the whole skirt and thread the elastic through securing it on each side.
 Fold the dress inside out to stitch the two ends together
 Fold inside out and you have your dress!
Final product! My next goal is to do one with a folded over waist...anyone have success at this?!

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