Simple Dress

After completing the skirt I decided to venture onto a dress. I wanted to try a tank-connected-to-a-skirt dress and bought all of the material, but then got stitch shy. I drew up the dress, thought about the connections in my head but still was to delay the making of that, I decided to make a VERY simple dress to get going on my full-dress-making goal.
 I chose a printed fabric (gutsy!) and cut the pieces. You will need 3 pieces (if you can count and see 4 in this image...that goes to show, sometimes things don't happen how you think they will!) The large piece should be the length of your shoulders plus 6" (this will be the back of the dress). The length should be from your shoulders until right above your knees. Then you will need 2 front pieces, this will be the same length as your back, cut it into 10" strips. You will also need an elastic band (mine was 1/4") to make the dress not look like a fat suit
 You will sew it inside out lay the large piece front side up and the two strips on top, make sure the corners touch, there will be a gap in the middle. Stitch the left and right side of the dress, it should be even on the bottom, and stop the stitch about 10" before you hit the top- this is where your arms will go through. Then you will stitch the shoulders in, start at the top corner and stitch in- making sure the gap between the two strips is large enough for your neck!

Still with me...?!
 Measure the elastic band just below your bra line, cut off about 2 inches so its snug and not too loose. Pull the elastic tight and do a zig-zag stitch over it so it'll expand.
Here is the final product! I wore it out the other night for my little sisters 21st birthday, I put on a belt over the elastic to hide the zig-zag stitch

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