Yoga Bag

I have started to go to Corepower yoga a bit more regularly. I had an elastic band over my bag but my mat always seemed to fall out of it on my walk over. I like to bike to yoga when it is nice out which makes is harder to carry my mat. Using some left over fabric I stitched together a bag which also had room for a water bottle and a towel leaving me hands free to ride my bike!
 Here are the materials needed for the project. Thick fabric, matching thread, and the yoga mat/water bottle/towel to help with measuring
 I made the bag about 1-2 inches thicker than the mat to help fit my yogi-toes towel and incase I slacked on the rolling! I also hope to get a thicker lululemon mat soon...feel free to buy one for me :)
 I cut the fabric for the tubing and loosely wrapped it around the mat. I then folded a piece of fabric in half and pinned it over the water bottle to ensure it would fit.
 Here are all the cut pieces, you will also need a long strip about 3 inches thick and a yard or so long to wrap across your body in order to carry it on your back.
Here is the final product! I sewed a loop at the top to pull a draw string through to tie the towel and mat in. Let me know if you have any questions! It was quite easy, if I did it again I would choose a mesh fabric to allow the mat to breath a bit more :)

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