Wrap it up

Wrap it up, wrap it up, you got it...Gwen? Anyone? Thought it was about time for a song remix. You got 99 problems but a song re-mix ain't one?

Okay i'm done. 

So, ahem, remember the other day when I made this bracelet? Thought so. True confession: I bought those letter stamps last winter. All I have used them for was to show my roommate how cool they were by stamping his initials into the coffee table. Success. So, ever since, I have kept my eyes peeled for ANY reason to use them. I was thinking of etching a book into the floor boards. And then in like 30 years someone finds it and realizes it's gold in written form, sells it and makes millions. Hmm...maybe I should just write it on paper. 

In the mean time, it just so happens that these stamp etch into aluminum very easily! But who cares? What can we do with that Jenn? Ugh this post is so pointless....NO! Its not, I promise. Maybe? Like you have better things to do... :)

SO...This past weekend I needed to wrap a gift for the boyfriend- he's stuck around for two years, so he deserves something sweet right? Well it fits nicely into a box, so I needed to wrap it. Wrap it up, wrap it up, you got it...

So supplies for the awesome aluminum stamped tag, oh yeah, did I mention this? We are making sweet tags for gifts and such. So, you will need wrapping paper (or paper bags, as I use), a beer can, stamps, string, a hammer and scissors....visual people, see below.

First, you'll need to cut a little 'tag' from the pop can- be careful not to cut yourself! this post is not responsible for injury due to replication. 

Then! Stencil into the aluminum a cute little note, or something alike.

THEN! I know the suspense is killing you. String your yarn (because you can't find any ribbon) around the package and through your aluminum and VOILA! cutie little tags. Boom. Done.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it was dark and late and...whatever. 

Yeah probably takes longer than writing it on the bag, or on a paper tag or whatever. But probably not as cute? Maybe? Ugh whatever. That's a wrap! HA! Get it?

Maybe i'll write my book on aluminum instead...

To thank you for listening to my rambling post, here is a sneak peak at some chairs i'm trying to make all pretty. I'm hoping to post about them in about a weekish...they currently have been brutally sanded and stained dark...after a few more coats and some remedy to the cushions i'll getcha the deets on these babies.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Monday.

Not bored of my posts yet? Wondering why my back has been hurting this past week? Come back on Wednesday!

Life Rockstars

Friends. Friends are life rockstars. They are people that God put into our lives to shake things up when they suck. Now, don't get me wrong, family is kick butt too. But what happens when your whole family experiences something that sucks, like really sucks. That's when friends come in and rock our pants off with happiness to keep our spirits up. Its the phone calls, the texts and the letters out of no where (accompanied by a little literary distraction...thanks Emma!) that makes you feel like better days are to come.

I was at my parents home the other day, sitting in the kitchen with my sister and mom when in comes her little rockstars for a little pick me up- literally, within 5 minutes they were taking a tequilla shot. Don't you just love people like that? Without notice, bearing sentimental gifts, hugs and shots all around (in their matching traveling shot glasses). So, friends, if you are listening- thanks for being the little rockstars that you are.

There is a Doctor in the house!

I would like to formally invite you to a new little thing I'll be doing for the next monthish or so...Photo Dump Friday! (#PDF...uhh...hmm...oh well.) The main thing I love about most blogs are looking at pictures- because who wants to read these days anyways! So every Friday, until I say so...because this is my blog not yours :) I will dump you with some pictures. Mainly from my travels the past fourish years of getting lost in the world.

Without further ado, your first Photo Dump Friday...

As mentioned in this post about a little canyon, my older sister has been spending the last 4 years down in the beautiful desert that is Arizona. A few weeks ago my family and I went down for the weekend to see her officially become a doctor! Here are a few pics of the family while we were down there...
 Right when we got into our rental car we B-lined it down to her school. She said there was a reception at her school, but we were not expecting a conga-line of Natropaths followed by the banging of a drum- it was quite the event. But, you know I'm all for anything that involves some face paint!

My mom wanted in on the action and let out some i'msomuchclosertonotpayingforcollegeexpenses happiness. 

This was how she was basically the whole time...
After spending some much needed time by the pool, we went out to dinner with two of her friends, Val and Leslie, and their families

The following morning was graduation day. After a great ceremony there was a reception followed by the viewing of my first ever flash mob...or group dance...whats the difference?!

Congrats Katie! We are so proud of you!

Now...go book an appointment with her! She will be working in Bloomington, MN! I'm not kidding, do it. thisisanordernotarequest.

Congratulations! You made it through your first Photo Dump Friday...not so bad huh? Well, stay tuned next Friday where I'll dump ya with some rad Color Run pictures! #PDF...I'll have to work on that :)

Personalized Jewlery

This past weekend my friends and I completed our fourth year of one of our favorite traditions: cabin weekend. My good friend Jocelyn opens up her family cabin for a weekend of food, fun and Sandlot on repeat. I'm not kidding, we literally keep it playing all day long. It just so happens that this past weekend was Jocelyn's 24th birthday, in keeping with my current stint at homemade birthday gifts (Proof), I pulled together some supplies I had and got to work. BUT before I get into that, lets glimpse into this past weekend...the sky at night (not pictured...sorry...) was probably my favorite, clear skies with storms off in the distance lighting it up paired with googled campfire stories- can't get any better than that! Here are some weekend highlights:

Thank goodness there isn't an age limit on water balloons!
Birthday cupcakes! sorryforeatingallthefrosting...

We never got a group picture (also kindof a tradition?!) But a great weekend- thanks again for having us up there JocJams.

NOW onto how to make a little personalized birthday gift. I had bought a bunch of mending plates to help link together this project. So I grabbed one, a piece of fabric, and a snap to make the bracelet. I used a jersey fabric to avoid fraying edges. You will also need a hammer, pliers and metal stamps. I found mine on etsy, they are lowercase letters.

 I started by engraving the mending plate. YOLO! (you only live once!) I engraved this by hammering in my letter stamps. Next, you'll want to bend the mending plate to lay nicely on your wrist. I did this manually by taking two pliers and bending it slowly.

Next, I cut the fabric to fit a about 1.5 times around my wrist. I rounded the corners and weaved it through the mending plate, then I trimmed it to size.

The final step is adding a clasp. I had a few on hand and attached them to fit snug around my wrist.

 There you have it! Took about 15 minutes to complete this fun little gift! How was your weekend? Do anything that can beat Minnesota Summer Cabin Season?!

Reclaimed Ladder

WHO said ladder's are just for climbing? No one? Okay good...A few weeks/months ago I dragged the boyfriend to one of my favorite salvage places: Hunt and Gather. I found two items on the cheap that I loaded up in the ‘bou….a ladder and a table. We needed some furniture on the deck and I loved the double decker look…stay tuned for the rehab (But please don't hold your breath, I don't need that on my conscious)! Now, the ladder! I saw this gem in the corner with no price tag…after asking how much the lady asks “how much would you pay for it” my initial though was…uhh 50 cents?! But I thought I’d be a good citizen and bought it for 5 bones. Now, I don’t need a ladder…what I do need is to fix this bare as bones wall… 

Here are the Hunt and Gather finds, a patio table and the main event: The Ladder

 The first thing I did was sand the entire thing. It was coated with different paints and had some sliver-worthy edges. Once I was sick of sanding, out came the spray paint!

…and after waiting three days for it to dry/stop smelling I hung it horizontally as a place to hang some pictures. To hang it, I used "L" brackets- probably not the correct term, but lets roll with it. Since I am crazy and notice little details, I spray painted the hooks so it would blend in better with the ladder...

I just love the old quality of the wood mixed with the modern black of the paint. A bit modern for our justoutofcollege furniture and ikea lamps...BUT I know once I buyandrenovate my first house, it'll be the perfect accent in a hallway. Ah yes, those are my castle dreams on my motor home budget...

I'll be back on Wednesday with a little weekend shenanigans and a bracelet tutorial!
Happy-ish Monday :)

The Grandest of all the Canyons

This past spring (I know, I know, its summer and I’m just getting to this- throw me a bone, or some extra hours in the day) my little sister and I flew down to visit our older sister, who just recently (wait for the post!) graduated from medical school. We all have wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, but with a mother afraid of heights, we figured this would be a solo sisters mission. We sifted through work and school schedules and carved out a weekend that worked. This was over my little sisters spring break so she got to spend the week soaking up the sun before I flew in on Thursday to really get the party started. We spent Friday by the pool and headed to Flagstaff that night to probably the sketchiest hotel ever- but that's how memories are made! Am I right?!... I’m not sure it was the anticipation of the Grand Canyon, or fear of bugs crawling on us- but no one really got any sleep. We drove the rest of the way up the following morning, and man, was it a beautiful ride. It kind of reminded us of driving up north in Minnesota...plus mountains...Anyways, here's some shots from the day!

By now, if you have a keen eye to detail you may have noticed I am wearing a different shirt in the last three pictures...because come on! How embarrassing is it to be photographed in the SAME outfit twice #paparazzi. Kidding, I wore about 11 layers that day, we had NO idea what the weather would be like

Yup, we did it.

We did this too...#cliche

We ended the day on the east side to watch the sun set over the canyon. After a full day of hiking, and bussing, and taking obnoxious pictures, we drove the 4 hours back to Scottsdale for a little nap before heading off to the air port. Whirlwind weekend, but it was a beaut to see in real life, and great to spend it with my sisters!