Life Rockstars

Friends. Friends are life rockstars. They are people that God put into our lives to shake things up when they suck. Now, don't get me wrong, family is kick butt too. But what happens when your whole family experiences something that sucks, like really sucks. That's when friends come in and rock our pants off with happiness to keep our spirits up. Its the phone calls, the texts and the letters out of no where (accompanied by a little literary distraction...thanks Emma!) that makes you feel like better days are to come.

I was at my parents home the other day, sitting in the kitchen with my sister and mom when in comes her little rockstars for a little pick me up- literally, within 5 minutes they were taking a tequilla shot. Don't you just love people like that? Without notice, bearing sentimental gifts, hugs and shots all around (in their matching traveling shot glasses). So, friends, if you are listening- thanks for being the little rockstars that you are.

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