MN Pride

I'm sure all you pinners out there have seen art work much like this from Curbly:

created at: 05/21/2012

Well, it just so happened that I needed some art for my bedroom and Home Depot had a slab of particle board for 50 cents- destiny? I think so. I bought some little nails and ordered some navy string off Etsy. The colors in my room are very grey meets yellow meets navy so I painted the particle board a nice Martha Stewart Yellow and allowed it to dry for three weeks until I got my act together to finish the project.

Once it was completely dry I printed out a map of the beautiful state of Minnesota, taped it down and got to hammering. I started out by measuring out the distance of the nails, but resorted to eye balling it towards the end- i'm super precise I promise.

Then I whipped out my navy string, gorilla glued it to a nail and got it threading. I didn't have a plan I just went with it and once it looked about how I envisioned it in my little head, I glued the other end down and voila! There you have it, an around $6 piece of art.

I thought i'd share a picture of the whole side of the room, the yellow ties in with the colored vases and fabric in the embroidery hoops- all full circle and such. Sorry for the dark photo, this is literally the hardest room to take a picture of without the colors looking off! But, you get the picture (ha!). Anyone else make some nail art? Or wait three weeks for paint to dry?!

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