Personalized Jewlery

This past weekend my friends and I completed our fourth year of one of our favorite traditions: cabin weekend. My good friend Jocelyn opens up her family cabin for a weekend of food, fun and Sandlot on repeat. I'm not kidding, we literally keep it playing all day long. It just so happens that this past weekend was Jocelyn's 24th birthday, in keeping with my current stint at homemade birthday gifts (Proof), I pulled together some supplies I had and got to work. BUT before I get into that, lets glimpse into this past weekend...the sky at night (not pictured...sorry...) was probably my favorite, clear skies with storms off in the distance lighting it up paired with googled campfire stories- can't get any better than that! Here are some weekend highlights:

Thank goodness there isn't an age limit on water balloons!
Birthday cupcakes! sorryforeatingallthefrosting...

We never got a group picture (also kindof a tradition?!) But a great weekend- thanks again for having us up there JocJams.

NOW onto how to make a little personalized birthday gift. I had bought a bunch of mending plates to help link together this project. So I grabbed one, a piece of fabric, and a snap to make the bracelet. I used a jersey fabric to avoid fraying edges. You will also need a hammer, pliers and metal stamps. I found mine on etsy, they are lowercase letters.

 I started by engraving the mending plate. YOLO! (you only live once!) I engraved this by hammering in my letter stamps. Next, you'll want to bend the mending plate to lay nicely on your wrist. I did this manually by taking two pliers and bending it slowly.

Next, I cut the fabric to fit a about 1.5 times around my wrist. I rounded the corners and weaved it through the mending plate, then I trimmed it to size.

The final step is adding a clasp. I had a few on hand and attached them to fit snug around my wrist.

 There you have it! Took about 15 minutes to complete this fun little gift! How was your weekend? Do anything that can beat Minnesota Summer Cabin Season?!

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