Reclaimed Ladder

WHO said ladder's are just for climbing? No one? Okay good...A few weeks/months ago I dragged the boyfriend to one of my favorite salvage places: Hunt and Gather. I found two items on the cheap that I loaded up in the ‘bou….a ladder and a table. We needed some furniture on the deck and I loved the double decker look…stay tuned for the rehab (But please don't hold your breath, I don't need that on my conscious)! Now, the ladder! I saw this gem in the corner with no price tag…after asking how much the lady asks “how much would you pay for it” my initial though was…uhh 50 cents?! But I thought I’d be a good citizen and bought it for 5 bones. Now, I don’t need a ladder…what I do need is to fix this bare as bones wall… 

Here are the Hunt and Gather finds, a patio table and the main event: The Ladder

 The first thing I did was sand the entire thing. It was coated with different paints and had some sliver-worthy edges. Once I was sick of sanding, out came the spray paint!

…and after waiting three days for it to dry/stop smelling I hung it horizontally as a place to hang some pictures. To hang it, I used "L" brackets- probably not the correct term, but lets roll with it. Since I am crazy and notice little details, I spray painted the hooks so it would blend in better with the ladder...

I just love the old quality of the wood mixed with the modern black of the paint. A bit modern for our justoutofcollege furniture and ikea lamps...BUT I know once I buyandrenovate my first house, it'll be the perfect accent in a hallway. Ah yes, those are my castle dreams on my motor home budget...

I'll be back on Wednesday with a little weekend shenanigans and a bracelet tutorial!
Happy-ish Monday :)

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