The Grandest of all the Canyons

This past spring (I know, I know, its summer and I’m just getting to this- throw me a bone, or some extra hours in the day) my little sister and I flew down to visit our older sister, who just recently (wait for the post!) graduated from medical school. We all have wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, but with a mother afraid of heights, we figured this would be a solo sisters mission. We sifted through work and school schedules and carved out a weekend that worked. This was over my little sisters spring break so she got to spend the week soaking up the sun before I flew in on Thursday to really get the party started. We spent Friday by the pool and headed to Flagstaff that night to probably the sketchiest hotel ever- but that's how memories are made! Am I right?!... I’m not sure it was the anticipation of the Grand Canyon, or fear of bugs crawling on us- but no one really got any sleep. We drove the rest of the way up the following morning, and man, was it a beautiful ride. It kind of reminded us of driving up north in mountains...Anyways, here's some shots from the day!

By now, if you have a keen eye to detail you may have noticed I am wearing a different shirt in the last three pictures...because come on! How embarrassing is it to be photographed in the SAME outfit twice #paparazzi. Kidding, I wore about 11 layers that day, we had NO idea what the weather would be like

Yup, we did it.

We did this too...#cliche

We ended the day on the east side to watch the sun set over the canyon. After a full day of hiking, and bussing, and taking obnoxious pictures, we drove the 4 hours back to Scottsdale for a little nap before heading off to the air port. Whirlwind weekend, but it was a beaut to see in real life, and great to spend it with my sisters!

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