There is a Doctor in the house!

I would like to formally invite you to a new little thing I'll be doing for the next monthish or so...Photo Dump Friday! (#PDF...uhh...hmm...oh well.) The main thing I love about most blogs are looking at pictures- because who wants to read these days anyways! So every Friday, until I say so...because this is my blog not yours :) I will dump you with some pictures. Mainly from my travels the past fourish years of getting lost in the world.

Without further ado, your first Photo Dump Friday...

As mentioned in this post about a little canyon, my older sister has been spending the last 4 years down in the beautiful desert that is Arizona. A few weeks ago my family and I went down for the weekend to see her officially become a doctor! Here are a few pics of the family while we were down there...
 Right when we got into our rental car we B-lined it down to her school. She said there was a reception at her school, but we were not expecting a conga-line of Natropaths followed by the banging of a drum- it was quite the event. But, you know I'm all for anything that involves some face paint!

My mom wanted in on the action and let out some i'msomuchclosertonotpayingforcollegeexpenses happiness. 

This was how she was basically the whole time...
After spending some much needed time by the pool, we went out to dinner with two of her friends, Val and Leslie, and their families

The following morning was graduation day. After a great ceremony there was a reception followed by the viewing of my first ever flash mob...or group dance...whats the difference?!

Congrats Katie! We are so proud of you!

Now...go book an appointment with her! She will be working in Bloomington, MN! I'm not kidding, do it. thisisanordernotarequest.

Congratulations! You made it through your first Photo Dump Friday...not so bad huh? Well, stay tuned next Friday where I'll dump ya with some rad Color Run pictures! #PDF...I'll have to work on that :)

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