Wrap it up

Wrap it up, wrap it up, you got it...Gwen? Anyone? Thought it was about time for a song remix. You got 99 problems but a song re-mix ain't one?

Okay i'm done. 

So, ahem, remember the other day when I made this bracelet? Thought so. True confession: I bought those letter stamps last winter. All I have used them for was to show my roommate how cool they were by stamping his initials into the coffee table. Success. So, ever since, I have kept my eyes peeled for ANY reason to use them. I was thinking of etching a book into the floor boards. And then in like 30 years someone finds it and realizes it's gold in written form, sells it and makes millions. Hmm...maybe I should just write it on paper. 

In the mean time, it just so happens that these stamp etch into aluminum very easily! But who cares? What can we do with that Jenn? Ugh this post is so pointless....NO! Its not, I promise. Maybe? Like you have better things to do... :)

SO...This past weekend I needed to wrap a gift for the boyfriend- he's stuck around for two years, so he deserves something sweet right? Well it fits nicely into a box, so I needed to wrap it. Wrap it up, wrap it up, you got it...

So supplies for the awesome aluminum stamped tag, oh yeah, did I mention this? We are making sweet tags for gifts and such. So, you will need wrapping paper (or paper bags, as I use), a beer can, stamps, string, a hammer and scissors....visual people, see below.

First, you'll need to cut a little 'tag' from the pop can- be careful not to cut yourself! this post is not responsible for injury due to replication. 

Then! Stencil into the aluminum a cute little note, or something alike.

THEN! I know the suspense is killing you. String your yarn (because you can't find any ribbon) around the package and through your aluminum and VOILA! cutie little tags. Boom. Done.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it was dark and late and...whatever. 

Yeah probably takes longer than writing it on the bag, or on a paper tag or whatever. But probably not as cute? Maybe? Ugh whatever. That's a wrap! HA! Get it?

Maybe i'll write my book on aluminum instead...

To thank you for listening to my rambling post, here is a sneak peak at some chairs i'm trying to make all pretty. I'm hoping to post about them in about a weekish...they currently have been brutally sanded and stained dark...after a few more coats and some remedy to the cushions i'll getcha the deets on these babies.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Monday.

Not bored of my posts yet? Wondering why my back has been hurting this past week? Come back on Wednesday!

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