A casual run through Minneapolis

Check, off the bucket list! She did it! 4 hours and 15 minutes of running under her belt- literally she looked paralyzed hips down after- but she survived! At first she was super excited, I think this top picture is at mile 7ish? And towards the end it looks painful, because yeah, its 26 miles and running- at a 9 minute pace. Did you hear read that correctly? 9 minute pace. I caught up with her at mile 14ish and could barely keep up...ugh. Welp, Katie seems to be the star of this blog lately so in keeping with the trend here are some Marathon pictures! Congrats on finishing sistah, let me know if you want any specific pictures sent your way!

 I am unsure if he finished, it wasn't a cold day...

 I think here she was saying "ouch my knees and my blisters!"

My mom pointing out where Katie is...well done.

After the worse hill ever...tried to pump her up for the final 6 miles

Don't let those walking guys fool you. They were on a relay, she was running fast. And also the time is incorrect...I think she finished at 4 hours and 15 minutes? Right? Katie?

Ashley helped her through the final miles!


Think I can check that off my bucket list too? Since I technically ran in a Marathon?

Meh- well congrats Katie! woooooo

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