Child slavery is back

No need to contact child protection. But, child slavery is back in the lives of my sisters and I...ironically given as a gift...

Growing up we were continually succumbed to back breaking, bone numbing tasks. Regardless of the life lessons, or ability to DIY  that came from it, we always complained it was child slavery and we couldn't work. This argument never held up in Corazzo court.

For Father's day this year, my sisters and I wrapped ourselves up as labors on any of the countless projects he had going on around the house. Right after we got off the plane from this trip,  my father was ready to put us to work in the back yard. For a few years now my parents had wanted to fix up the yard, well, this year was the year. They hired a contractor to tear out the lower deck and extend the upper deck by 3 feet. They also built up a stone retaining wall. Once this was all done my DIY parents wanted to lay the stone themselves for the lower patio. Halfway through, we realized this may have been a job for the professionals...but here is how we managed to do it. I would also like to note that my little sister was up watching TV in the air conditioned living room this whole time, typical little sister. (jk Erin, I know you were/are sick...feel better!)

First we laid out the lining, this will help with drainage and in keeping roots from sneaking up
Next, we shoveled sand into an area and use PVC tubing and a 2x4 to flatten out the sand. We periodically used a level to make sure it was sloping away from the house and was generally level
Then we laid bricks until our finger bled- which is when we found gloves and continued.

It took us 2 nights to get it done with the three of is- one shoveled sand, one leveled sand and the third laid the brick. I don't have any 'end of the 2nd night' pictures because we were all ready to pass out at that point and I needed to savor any energy to shower and walk to bed. Here is how it stands today. The bricks were filled and stomped and our fingers are crossed that the rain doesn't ruin our job well done.

Well, now that I know the great life skill of laying a patio, I think I'll hire someone to do mine in the future :). Don't mark my words, i'm a total chip off the old block and would try to do it myself...
Also, don't think I didn't remind my parents that when I buy my house these roles will be reversed!

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