France is for Lovers

WOO! Its Friday! Can I get a what what?! What might be better than knowing you have a weekend ahead of you? #PDF of course! No, not a portable document format...BUT Photo Dump Friday #PDF. 

So where did we leave off from last week? We were just leaving Barcelona onto France! Peace out Emily!

We said our farewells to Emily who had to get back to work, and took a little break on the beaches of Nice, France. Love me some beach town. The first day we literally didn’t move from the beach until we needed food. Where we went onto eat the best meal of the trip. The next day was pretty much the same, but I took a little hike in the morning up to a view point and through the old city.

At night, we packed up for our final destination: Paris. Paris was a beaut, and tops the list with Granada and Barcelona as my favorite on the trip. Pictures don’t do this place justice, but I’ll show you them since you were nice enough to stop by. Oh yeah, and we totally hit up the same bike tour company in Paris, now we just need to go to Berlin and Amsterdam to come full circle!

Our view a dinner, not too bad!

yup we did this, is the Louvre...

Photoshoot while I make them wait for the sun to go down over the Louvre...

So sleeeeepy!

Phew. We made it. Yeah, some of the pictures are out of order, but you get it right? France is gorgeous. We hit all the sites we set out for and had time each night to grab a sammie and watch the sun set (one night over the Louvre and the other over a sparkling Eiffel). It was a fantastic time shared by some great friends!

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