Glass Blowing-my-mind

So, I mentioned here that the boyfriend and I may or may not have been celebrating two years of putting up with each other. So what did we do?! We glass-blew-my-mind. Some of you may know that I am not easily surprised. But this is the SECOND time he surprised me by doing something I had no idea about- we are talking Olympic records here. The first time was our first Christmas together. He got all adorable and cutsie and put candles in a circle around my parents lake for us to go skating after dinner. And then had a bottle of my favorite wine by the fire pit for us to warm up- there's a gold medal if i've ever seen one.

SO, this year, all he said was I had to be ready to go at 3...I was late. SORRY! But we still made it, we drove to FOCI in Northeast Minneapolis where Lisa instructed us on how to blow glass. Now, we didn't actually blow the glass, that's for class numero dos. BUT we did get to make some show-stoppin paper weights! Here is how it's done...

So, first you take this long rod, its only super hot at the last foot or so, and if you peak at the guy behind me, he is cooling his off. I think we lost 5 pounds in sweat during our two hour tutorial
Then you dip the rod into this cauldron of hottness, seriously I have never experienced something as hot. Like 200 degrees hot. In your face, for 5 seconds.
This was after my first dip into the Calderon of hottness. You had to keep turning the rod so the glass wouldn't drip off. It was the Olympics of multi-tasking
Then I rolled the hot lava glass in two colors, dark blue and teal. When I added the color it cooled off a bit so I heated it up again before...
Manipulating it! There are a buncha tools to poke, bend and twist to glass. Here I am adding a pink swirl

You do a total of two dips into the cauldron of hottness, a few turns at poking and stabbing the molten glass, and some additions of color and Voila! Here is the boyfriend's whack at it...

Oh yeah, and you get a Popsicle to cool off after :)

Here you can see his break off point, you basically pinch a large tweezer around to create a crease, then you knock it off after it's cooled a bit
After 16 hours in a kiln I went to pick them up! Here are the final products!

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