Olympics 2012: For the Glory!

London's got nothing on this! HA, kidding, they might. But whatever. So you may get it by now, that my friends and I loooove a good themed/costumed par-tay. So in light of recent events (the Olympics) We decided to play a BEER Olympics, since there are none few of us that stand a fighting chance at the actual Olympics.

Here's how it broke down... (thanks to Whitney, Lindsay and Mark for coordinating! and Whit and Jess for hosting!)

We had 6 teams of 4, each team had a country and varying team members participated in each event. The events were: A trampoline battle, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Beer Darts, Quarters, some game that involved hitting a beer can with a pong ball, and a relay  (said loosly since it didn't work out so hot!)

SO! At 11am on a Sunday (yup!) we headed over to begin- some spent the previous night practicing too hard and had a hard time getting ready (ahem, Mark, you forgot your pants.)

Team Australia:

Team U.S.A:

Team England:

Team Jamaica:

Team Canada:

Team Spain:

Let the games being!

Yup, you had to drink a beer out of a baby bottle while having a butt bouncing war. HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS!

Some of us didn't get enough Flip Cup in...added points for enthusiasm?!

Handing out the trophies...

Can't wait to play again next year! (with a few minor adjustments...) YEAH take that London, we don't need 4 years to train before competing...

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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