Pass the Tapas!

Happy Friday Everyone! And more importantly...maybe? Happy #PDF!

Last winter, my friends and I were all like ‘we have no money so lets plan a trip to Europe and live off noodles and water until then…OKAY! A good High School friend of mine has been living in Spain for the past year- so we thought it was high time for us to visit her! And make a little stop to France on the way out…which I’ll get to in the next #PDF! So, myself and three other lovely ladies crossed the pond to spend our ‘shouldntthismoneybeusedtopayoffourloans’ stash. Here are the stops for all your visual peeps, we landed in Madrid, took a bus unto Granada and then flew over to Barcelona to finish off Spain:

We were able to meet up for dinner with my dad's cousin- Julie!
  1. The traveling crew! (Left to right: Lindsay, Emma (top), Jocelyn, Me, Emily)

Jocelyn captured the trip in video, hope to share that soonish?!

From Madrid we took a 5 hour bus south to Granada, ever since taking an architectural history course in my undergrad, the Alhambra has been a bucket list item. Consider it checked!

Bachelor Party?!


Fun fact: our plane was seat yourself!
After a short stint in Granada, we flew up to Barcelona to really fall in love with the country. Hit up Las Ramblas and took a biking tour…moral of the story: Gaudi is the man. 

FYI: This is supposed to double in height

The pictures are a little out of order, but you get it right? Spain is legit. Hope you enjoyed a little serving of Photo Dump Friday! I'll finish off the trip next week with a break down of France! Now go back to your regularly scheduled weekend. I'm off to a wedding for this lovely lady!

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