Friday, August 3, 2012

The only time i'll wake up at 7am to run...

I know I said #PDF was going to be about my travels, but when I saw the pictures that came from a 5k a few weeks ago, I couldn't resist! SO, happy friday...ahem, happy Photo Dump Friday.

Have you heard or seen the craze that is The Color Run?! Well, if not, your welcome. Because it is the coolest, best idea I have seen. Ever. I am ALL about theme parties/dressing up/wearing Halloween costumes in July...ect. So when I heard that I could have color thrown at me, I was alll about it. I coaxed two of my friends into joining me on the best 5k out there. Here are some pictures to get you excited to register for next years' run...

We ran into my cousin, and her friend Harper! Please note that there were about 20,000 people at this event...

At the end of the run, you get into a mosh pit and every 20 minutes they dump more powder on you! So great

So, start training, because it's coming back next year! I would wake up that early on a weekend every weekend if I knew colorful happiness would be thrown at me. So fun.

Okay kids! Stay safe this weekend and happy #PDF! Next week i'll start a little traveling series with a trip to Europe some friends and I took in June!


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