1st Annual Camping Trip

Fall is coming to an end, or so is what this bitter coldness makes it feel like. Before we said goodbye to our warm weather bliss, my friends and I went on a little camping trip not far from home. Willow River State Park is where we set up, its about 5 miles north of Hudson- wouldn't want to stray too far from a local Target, now would we.
We left around 3 on a Saturday afternoon and caravan-ed out. We ordered a group site which was perfect. After we all fashioned some sleeping quarters to crash later and put the beers on ice, we set off for a little nature hike to a waterfall nearby. I would explain how beautiful it was, but i'll let the pictures do the talkin...

We were able to do some hiking towards the falls and climb behind the water...i've never done that before- it was awesome!

The rest of the night was filled with campfire singing (sorry ranger..) and s'mores- this will forsure be an annual event.

Anyone else out there been to Willow River? Or know of an amazing sleeping bag brand I can purchase so I don't freeze my tush next year?!

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