Bedside Bench

Happy Friday friends and family! We made it to the weekend, AND there is a chance for rain on Saturday! Some of you may remember this little post where I try my hand at gardening this summer, well thanks for a very DRY summer (no, its not me to blame, duh) all I got was a little cilantro and basil. Oh, but the Squirrels, they beat me to all 2 of the Tom's that were produced from my topsy turv...arg. HOWEVER, I do have some cute little bell peppers still kicking, I want them to stay small, so cute! I'll ups a pic later so you can all fall into small-bell-pepper heaven.
ANYWAYS, onto a little DIY for you to thinkabout/perhapsdo over this hopefully rainy weekend.
A few weeks ago, my sister came up to her oh-so-crafty sister wanting to build a bench...after seeing this amazing bench from 2 Friends and 2 Cities. She headed to Home Depot to gather the supplies and I brought the power tools to replicate this masterpiece. All you need for this quick DIY tush lover are:
4 posts
3/4"+ wood board
4 post attachers (seen below)
quilt batting and foam padding to make it all cozy and such. 

The posts came as solid wood, to incorporate it into my room...because you know I had to make one too!...I painted the legs yellow...using left over paint from this project.

While the legs were drying, I layered up the fabric and gave my fingers a pep talk to start-a-staplin'. You may notice in the picture below the leg connectors already in- this can be done before or after you put the fabric on- my dad was around before, so they went in then :). I wanted to add some texture into the room, so I chose burlap over a navy fabric. I attached the burlap after everything else since its not the easiest fabric to work with...

Your first layer is foam padding, seen in green and white for some extra 'cush. Typically I would suggest cutting it 1" larger than your board (not shown here) for a nice rounded look. After that we added layers of quilt batting and then the fabric.

 Once the navy was stapled in. I iced the fingers and tackled the burlap, folding over the edge for a finished look

 You'll need to attach the legs to the base of the bench (duh!), I used this here product, buuuuuuut I wouldn't suggest it. I have a better idea...which i'll release to the world in a few post about a side table. Basically a 4 year old could rip these out. Thankfully, I don't have any 4 year olds running around my grounds...

 The legs were screwed in and tadaaaaaaaa...cushy little nook for me to place my belongings and tie my shoes. Gone are the days of setting everything on my bed and brushing it onto the floor at night. me some burlap.
Easy peasy project, probably took 2 hours, including time to gather materials. Thankgoodness for DVR and the Olympics Closing Ceremony to get me through all the stapling! Has anyone else made one? Curious what my sister's looks like? (Hint: pile of materials in the corner of the room...get on that sistah!)


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