Birthday Weekend!

I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK! Didjua miss me? Was a part of your day/week/month amiss from my absence? I wouldn't doubt it, but I apologize. I have figured out this blog, etched time into my schedule, and will sign any oath you bring to the table to continue showing you the extravagant life events and DIY mishaps over on this nook of the interwebs. 
First things first. Last weekend was my birthday *cue round of applause* I made it to 25. I rolled in the weekend with some bowling and a little winery, a good mix of staying young and classy- am i right?!

Thankgoodness we had a math teacher in the room, is Bryant Lake Bowl the last place on earth where you have to score your own bowl?!

(smart math teacher...may or may not have rigged the game. we will never know)

On Saturday my family and I headed to St.Peter's, MN to do a little wine tasting...and mmmm mmmm was it good. The grounds were a beaut as well- wish it were a bit warmer to hang outsite.


And you KNOW I love a place with a little green roof action. That's all for now- a little DIY bench and side table will be up shortly- be sure to Follow By Email (look to the right...) so my every blog move is recorded in your e-mail history.


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