Eating my way through Italy

Ready for a little Photo Dump Friday! This week you are in for a delicious treat, thinking of this trip makes me salivate for some Caprese. I wish I took more pictures of the food we ate but my goal was to fit in the, Happy #PDF!

So this post is a yearish late…embarrassing. But better late than never, am I right? Right?! Anyways, here is a breakdown of a little excursion I took last year, March of 2011. My friend Abby had a two week break in March and we were both itching to go on a trip…beach or Europe….Europe! I have been wanting to go to Italy since before I can remember, I always thought it would be my first trip to Europe, until I got an amazing opportunity to go to Greece during my undergrad- If your lucky I’ll post about that some day…insert teaser...I swear I went there to study.

We wanted to see the whole country, in two weeks. So! We packed our backpacks, booked a few hostels and were on our way! We started in Venice and took the Eurorail down to Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome and Sorrento/Amalfi Coast. Every day was packed with amazing sights and I can’t wait to go back. Here is a little break-down for you visual folks, or those who need a geography lesson...

Venice: Venice is ( it under water yet?!) a very quaint town. It was an easy bus ride from the air port and very walkable- with a detailed map! The streets are windy- do NOT expect a western grid pattern in Europe, and plan on making many wrong turns and going in multiple circles. Its the journey...not the destination...right?! We spent the first day touring/getting lost in Venice. On the second day we took a ferry to Murano and Burano, glass blowing islands. Glass blowing was put on the islands to aid in containing fires :)

Cinque Terre: Oh. My. Lanta. What a beaut. The Cinque Terre is 5 towns along the west coast of Italy. There is a train that connects them but also a beautiful hiking path if heights are okay in your book- I would defiantly suggest this route.

Florence: Literally, I left my soul here. Florence has everything, beautiful streets filled with architecture, amazing food and a bustling nightlife. No wonder all the study abroad programs(and the Jersey Shore!) go here. After seeing all the sights, we had a little afternoon delight at a wine bar!

Rome: Rome was a whirl wind of monuments to check off our 'must-see' list. We spent the first day at the Vatican, taking a bus into it and walking back to stop at some sights. We were able to walk/climb to the top of St. Peters which gave beautiful views of the city. The following day we followed a few of Rick Steve's paths through the monuments- dodging a marathon!

Naples?: Our initial plan was to end the trip at Naples for three days and take the train to Pompeii, Amalfi and Capri. Whenever we met people at our previous destinations we continually heard warnings of mugging and theft. One night in Cinque Terre we sat down to dinner and we were both stressed out about it- but we were on vacation! So we made the executive decision to cancel our hostel in Naples and head south to Sorrento hitting up Pompeii on the way- and we were SO glad we did! Sorrento was so amazing, it is defiantly worth visiting. It was a great place to end our trip. Sorrento is a small coastal town with a short bus ride to Amalfi and Ferry to Capri. It was perfect.



Amalfi/Path of the Gods:

Italy is amazing, if you are thinking of going- please bring me :)

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  1. We went to Rome for our holidays last year I loved it!! I wrote about it here

    You made the right choice with naples, I spent a night there when I was inter-railing after school it was dirty and didn't feel very safe.

    I'm your newest follower btw xox