Getting mail is basically like Christmas

ONLY its better when you forget or don't know its EVEN coming. I ordered a few books before they were even printed because I was already obsessed with the idea that they would exist. I follow a few blogs on the regular, and visit a few select ones for specific advice. TWO of these blogs rolled out books this season and I COULDN'T be happier. Its like a million blog posts at once for me to drool over. #heaven. The first book I bought was 's snazzy book. I have been following this cute Richmond couple for some time LOVING their style and DIY enthusiasm. Their book will roll out in November and YES I am set to see them in the book tour :). They are my little blog celebrities.

Another blog I LOVE is Ana White's. Ana White is your typical woman who woke up one day, broke as a joke living in a garage, and decided that her and her husband should build their dream house themselves. Neither had experience. Super easy right? Well, they did it. And after, instead of buying everything at Ikea, she BUILT all their furniture-- all in the name of saving money and women everywhere. So when I heard SHE wrote a book, oh I was all over that too. Which bring me to THIS WEEK....WHEN IT CAME. #christmas.

So many great things wrapped up in this cute book. FIRST, she's a woman. I think that power tools, building things and workbenches are considered a 'man's domain'. NOTANYMORE! My parent's always joke (right? Its a joke?) that I am the son my father never had. Truish, I still have my lady parts, but I do love me a good DIY project involving power tools. In her book, she spells out all of the things women want to know but are typically left up to men. Like what different tools mean, what they are used for, what wood to get, screws to use when and where...basically how to navigate around the HD without looking like your head is chopped off.

Each project is broken down so well it makes it brainless. First, she lets you know the skill level, cost, and amount of time you'll need. Then a slew of materials and a CUT LIST-- hello, just hand that to the HD guys for a short cut?! She also makes 3d drawings with measurements to make everything stellar. Here is a great one- a way to hide your ugly trash can while making useful spaces for produce and extra counter space. AND its cute. AND it's not from IKEA.

Have I sold you yet? I can't wait to make EVERYTHING in here, because I know I will. Someday. I probably don't need the child's castle bed anytime soon, but you never know, I am in need of a headboard...

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