Popping my Pinterest Challenge Cherry

We all know what Pinterest is? Right? Okay good, because its basically the best thing since HGTV. Makes me want to ditch my degrees and commit to a life of stay-at-home-twentysomething--craft-extraordinaire! I love going there for inspiration (pinspiration?!) and it helps me keep track of projects I want to tackle, food I wanna eat and a slew of wardrobe items I crave...someday.

Anyways, for the past few seasons Katie from Bower Power and Sherry from Young House Love have created a Pinterest Challenge to get us over-pinner's off our clicker and onto actually making these items we dream of on the interwebs.

I was allll over this idea.

First, I wanted to make some cute decorations for my Aunt's upcoming 50th Birthday party at my parents this past weekend. Onto my pinterest page I go for some pinspiration and I come upon this gem from Martha Stewart

Photo Wall and Personalized Bottles

I LOVED it. Instead of using individual photos (cutting down the cost of printing them all) I decided to make 2 24x36 posters, one with a 5 and one with a 0, made out of the pictures (each are about 4x4). I added a nice chevron inspired backdrop and went to kinkos to print these babies out (black and white as architectural drawings, together they came out under $10).

Sorry for the poor quality, but here are the images. Side Note: If anyone would like the template I made for these let me know! (I used InDesign)

Once they were printed (I actually had them print at 36x48 with a thick boarder, the first print at 24x36 had mad streaks from their dirty printer, so printing it larger with a thick boarder took away the imperfections in the first print. You'll be able to tell from my boards below that they are stretched a bit more than the images above...) I went to Michaels and bought 2- 24x36 pieces of foam board, for about $2 each.

Instead of using a spray adhesive, making a mess, possibly ruining the images, and having a sniff storm- I folded the paper over the edges of the board and taped it onto the back. Easy Peasy!

Next on the pinterest challenge over achiever list, I wanted to make a cute banner to go with my posters. Once again, Martha Stewart's got it going on:

I love the different fonts used here. For my take on it, i'm going to switch out the squares for the traditional triangles, and alternate the color of the paper with black writing.

The supplies you'll need for this project include:

-Craft paper
-Cardboard Template (made from straight edge)
-Utility Knife and self-healing surface

First, I traced a triangle on cardboard using my 45-45-90 (thanks architectural school!) triangle and cut that out with my utility knife. I used this as a template, it made cutting multiple pieces of paper super easy. Cut out as many triangles as you'll need, with a few extra for mistakes/fillers.

Once the triangles are cut, grab your markers and start coloring! I put one letter on each piece to spell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

I used twine to string each piece which helped them stay in place as I hung them 

So there you have it, my FIRST ever Pinterest challenge. Have you done one...or just pinning one in hope's it'll do itself?!

P.S. throw back to '90's gameboy game anyone? WHO can guess it?!?!


  1. These turned out so great!! I've been inspired by that first pin for so long, it's great to see a 'real-life' version of it :)

  2. These worked out great, I am organising a surprise 30th for my fiance so think I might try the first one. xox