The 12345 Nightstand

Happy Monday...anyone? No, okay well go buy yourself a Caribou- make it a Pumpkin-anything since its fall and that's all the rage. How did you spend your weekend? Snuggled up with the computer writing endless papers? No? Didjua try the easiest-bench-tutorial of all times? No? Too busy hanging out at Oktoberfest...I understand.
Welp, if you recall, in last Friday's tut I mentioned a little connector surprise I would release to the world today (Don't worry, its been around for some time. But apparently you have to go to Home Depot (HD) for someone to shine a light on it's abilities). I went to the HD with boyfriend a few weeks ago because he wanted to make a nightstand. I was originally going to use the janky connectors I used for the bench until Mr.HD Employee of the Month directed us to this gem:
Moral of the story: if you make the bench, buy 4 of these- easy peasy.
NOW! Onto a little nightstand tutorial. Boyfriend conjured up a design in his noggin and we went searching through the forest of the HD for the parts...described below:
1 spacer
2 table tops
3 legs
4 cupcakes
5 Connectors
Okay, so you don't really need cupcakes...more of a suggestion, not a requirement
You'll also need a scrap piece of wood. HD has scrap wood in a discount pile, flutter your eyelashes at the kind gentleman to cut it about 4"x4" and charge you a nickle for it.
Now for a little trick..are you ready?!
So we had to screw some baby pilot holes to attach the aforementioned connectors, but we didn't want to drill down too far creating a tunnel for baby ants to travel through. We measured the depth and then put a piece of tape letting us know when we hit that while drilling...seen below. I'm sure there is a device out there that does this automatically- but I don't have it! So this is what you get.

First things first: be smart at math. It took us 3 trys and a compass/protractor in hand. You'll need to take one of the table tops and essentially draw a triangle on it to place your three legs- about 2" from the edge.

You will also need to center one of these brackets on the opposite side to screw in the top table surface. (for this we did end up using the connectors I used on the bench just we that wasn't seen. We reinforced is with gorilla glue and a stern talk about being sturdy).
Once that is finished, take your other table top and mount the 'spacer.' The scrap piece of wood makes the spacer a bit more sturdy, and when placed on the floor you wont be able to see it. Screw the spacer into the scrap using a screw. Once the spacer is attached, center the scrap onto the table top and screw it in
Next you have to watch someone else assemble the table. If no one is around I suppose you can do it yourself. Make sure you pat yourself on the back after.

Tadaaaa- ready for paint!

Sorry for the blurry picture. It was late, I was tired- you know the drill.

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Holla at me!

Come back later this week for a little camping trip extravaganzaaaa!

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