Twin City Marathon 2012

No No No, silly, I didn't run it. I leave that for the crazies in the world, but I wanted to see WHO these crazies were. Wasn't even my sister, who is still recovering from her casual run through Minneapolis. So, at 7am on a cold and calm Sunday morning I ventured over to Lake of the Isles with boyfriend and his roomie to catch mile 3-4, where smiles were still abound. Here's some pics from the morning...

"no big shake, i'm just faster than this guy on WHEELS"

Jalisa was practicing for her upcoming Mime show- #sweetgloves

Roomie Nikki is in yellow, k-tape is literally holding her legs together.

The last two images were my favorite. AMERICA! Its nice to know that there are some people who do walk the marathon, you know in case I wanted to run one and beat at least 1 person, nope, not a competative person at all. Ask...anyone who knows me... A note to people who run: write your name on your shirt, makes it fun for us spectators. Note to spectators: bring noise makers and high fives.

Congrats to those who finished- check it off your bucket list and go have a burger.
Happy Friday!

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