Upholstering Chairs

This post is a looooooooooooooooooooooong time coming. Like all summer a long time BUT, it was my first official reupholstering project, so gimme a break. K? I am preeeettty happy with how they turned out. The stain was a bummer but resanding sounded like nails on a chalk board after the first sand round. I used a stain/poly mix (which I just gave a 2nd chance on a table, #fail. Officially retiring that can). I was trying to be frugal/save some time. In the end, no dice. Oh well, anyways....onto what I did and how I did it!

A co-worker of mine, knowing my affinity for old trunks after seeing this post, called me to alert me that his neighbor was getting rid of some items in her house and trunks were in the pile! I high tailed it over after work to find them already snatched! BUT, I did come out on top, with these two chairs. They came in a larger set, and I am kicking myself for not picking up more than two. They came apart VERY easy, and all of the frames were salvageable, making my job easy. I took them apart, cleaned off the dust and sanded until I was about to pass out- which I actually was since I decided to choose a 90 degree day to perform this task.
Once all the sanding and dismantling was completed, I picked up some foam and batting to refabricize (a word) the seats. A tip! Make sure you cut the foam about an inch larger and the batting about an inch larger than the foam to get a nice rounded edge. And of course, make the fabric and inch larger than the batting.
I chose a dark stain to get a more modern look...two coats and 3 drying days later we get:
The seat and back cushion came off pretty easily with a screwdriver and some elbow grease (which I always have in stock)

I used various tools to take off the hideous green faux leather, pliers and I became reaaaaaaaaal close.

To cut the fabric to size (since there is a curve) I used a cardboard cut out

Whilst Jenn1 was refabricizing, Jenn2 was in the garage setting up a little stain station

Meet: my new best friend


It didn't occur to me until I got home that the fabric I chose was almost the EXACT same color as the plether was...

To hide the staples, I used a black fabric and some tacks to nail it in place, finishing off the seat.

I made chalk marks where the screws would go, so lining up the seat wouldn't be so difficult

Once Jenn1 and Jenn2 were done, they combined forces and screwed everything together.

So, what do you think? Okay first time reupholstering? My intention was to finish a table in the same stain, but since we had a falling out, that ain't gun happin'. The table is getting a beautiful walnut stain that I am OBSESSED with. It's drying as we type...can't wait to show it!

Happy Monday Friends!


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