Pouf the Magic Dragon

Sew This Hot Accent Today 

HA, no I didn't make those. Better Homes and Gardens did those gems. I tried. And perhaps succeeded? I wish mine was a bit taller, its good for sitting but just not tall enough for the feet. Whatevs. Also, debating putting that stitching on, it makes me nervous. But the top and bottom cap are fused on, zero stitching. So we'll see how long it lasts! HA. Here she blows:

Also, zero process pics sorryboutit, because why re-invent the wheel? If you wanna make one yourself- click the BHG link above- word to the wise, print and copy their template...NO I didn't. I rarely even measure things in the kitchen, i've gotten really good and guestimating...or so I think.

Incase you were wondering, Items inside the pouf: rommates pillow (sorryaboutitmark), old towels, tshirts and batting

Anywho.. Now onto something SWEET. Huzzah Vintage (via pinterest) had the GENIUS idea to make her own bumble to bumble beach spray. I LOVE this stuff (it gives your hair the just-out-of-the-ocean feel, and is GREAT for bangs (or the Snooki poof!), they stay put). BUT....this stuff is like $25 a bottle, for that BABY little bottle. My bank account cringes.

So, For just under $8 in supplies (basically a lifetime supply of this stuff..anyone need some!?) I made my own!

3 teaspoons Epsom Salt
3 squirts Water-Based Hair Gel
4 ounces Tap Water

Pour it all into the spray bottle, and shake before each use! Three cheers to SUPER cheap hair products! 

p.s did anyone else watch Liz & Dick on Sunday? (Holla Lifetime Movies!).....because it was HORRIBLE.

p.p.s Lisa G- if you are reading this, its Aussie 3 minute miracle (purple bottle) that you want. BOOM. No more dry hair.

p.p.s.s longer letter later (5 points if you can name this book!)

A Handmade Christmas

Cousin Alex, Sister Erin, Cousin Hailey, Aunt Kathy, Sister Katie and Little Cousin Gracie

Happy Cyber Monday! Isn't it funny how fast Thanksgiving passes and we fall into the buy-as-much-as-possible mode? Well, this year, I have decided to make most of my gifts (shocker, right?!). Unfortunately I won't be able to share these with you until after the holidays, excitement about a gift is much better if they haven't seen how you made it...amiright?!

SO, i'll give you a little sneak peak to hold ya over until January...

1. This 'project' will be revealed this week...its not a gift, but can be if anyone wants some! I literally needed 3tsp of that Epsom salt....more on that later this week
2. This project is also not a gift, and is almost done! hopefully I can show more this week
3. Super secret gift!
4. An american girl doll bed! For my little cousin..hopefully making my bed first will get the creative juices going!
5. Another secret project, but this is my grandpa's old binding machine- can't wait to put it to some use!
6. A book, for any crafting/homework/work breaks
7. tunes to keep me rollin'
8. gotta stay hydrated!

SO! There you have it, my next few projects...in addition to my bed, which will be started next weekend! Woo!

A girls week, or when we rode bikes in Europe

OMG. controlling my excitement right now is HARD people. Remember when I went HERE (france) and HERE (spain)?


WELL. I may or may not have mentioned that my friend pocket (nickname, not actual name) did a little video montage of the trip. AND SHE'S DONE EDITING.


Check it.

Not only is that like my favorite song to jam, but it captures the trip SO well. eating, biking, buildings, water, drinking...ahh those were the days.

Favorite parts:
-Em headbangin at a stellar bar in Madrid our first night out (:50)
-Emma's dancing skillz
-Lindsay's inability to look at the camera and not laugh
-How we walk when we are exhausted (1:50)
-Emily's tooth brush dance (1:51)
---OMG I could keep going but I WON'T, so just watch.

West Elm, I want you

So, remember when I talked about getting mail and how it's like christmas? mmmmmkay, so I mentioned there I was going to go to the book signing for the craftastic people over at young house lon, consider it DONE! I headed over to West Elm (and salivated over their selection) to meet up with my girl Kirsten and meet these cats. I cannot believe they were signing, smiling, laughing, and generally being cute until 11pm (they started at 6). phew, I was exhausted just from waiting in line (and I got there late!) Without further ado, here are John and Sherry from Young House Love!

 So many peeps showed up to the signing and were LOYAL to sticking out the long line and cold weather. I bought the CUTEST red mug for them to sign, it is currently chillin with me at work, it's hard for me to hold all of my pencils alllll day, so this hoot is helpin out...

Whatchu' lookin at willis?!

Anywhooot, moral of this story/post, John&Sherry are adorable and have amazing fans, oversized red mugs make for a happy cubicle, and west elm needs to get in my house STAT.

Over and out,
p.s. Kirsten got on the owl-train too with some salt and pepah shakers!
p.p.s Thanks for the pictures Noel! (I know you are listening...)

Bedtime Blues

Okay peeps, i'm going to try my largest DIY project yet soonish hereish. A bed. BOOM. Thanks Ana-White for the 'women power- I can do anything' mentality. So, why make a bed?
First of all, I am currently using the whole metal frame on wheels deal, and I feel that as I hit my quarter-life crisis, I might need a cute bed to make me feel all adult-legit. Its a coming of age thing, I think?
ANY whooser. Saturday I went to Ikea. Which, If you have never been there, its a HORRIBLE idea to go on the weekends. I already knew this, so I did the smart thing- online shopped and then b-lined it to the correct section of ikea. I wanted a simple bed frame, wood, and preferrable an upholstered headboard for a trailer park budget. (duh, that's why I was going to Ikea kids). So under the "full, queen, king" section of ikea (this detail is important, stay tuned), I found this gem:
FJELLSE Bed frame IKEA Solid wood, a hardwearing natural material.
via: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80185066/

Perfection. Solid wood, I can finish with any stain i'd like. And a headboard screaming for batting and a bright colored fabric. All for $50, and I was willing to make the adjustments it needed.
So, ventured into Ikea with two strong men in tow (didn't wanna break a nail carrying that sucker out) and this prize in mind. ONLY to find that it only comes in FULL. Queen or bust peeps. Thanks misleading website gods!
After I pouted in the bedroom isle, I picked up a few other treats to lighten my mood and headed home.
Then began convincing myself that I can make the bed frame- easy peasy (famous last words? We shall find out...) and drew up some plans on how I could build it. If anyone is reading this and knows anything about anything, suggestions are encouraged.

So, here is the frame. Made up of 2x4. One major ish that I have is I want it to come apart, so moving is easy. Because moving sucks, and having to carry a huge heavy bed doesn't sound coo coo with me.

So each colored section will be removable by hinges from the other sections (i've seen a few that will work, i'm hoping the HD has something perfect...dad any thoughts?!)

Since these are 2x4 and i'll want to stain the pretty wood, I will attach boards to the outside for a finished look, hiding part of the box spring.

Then, if i'm not fed up with this project yet, i'll make a head board with MDF and 2x4's, upholstering it with some fabric? Perhaps tufffffted? Perhaps i'm too lazy? Wanna take bets?!

TADAA, here is what my bed would look like in sketchup world...hopefully the real one will look better! I plan to have this baby built and stained by mid-december...stay tuned!

Again, suggestions/know if this is going to fall apart?

Wellness Wednesday!

Happy Flu/Cold season everyone!

Lets talk sickness.

Remember me talking about a little doctor in the house? WELL, anytime I am sick, I call that lady up and she presents me with some tricks to tackle a sickness. I don't like taking nyquil/dayquil ect. Its just me, perhaps its not you, but its cool. Do you!

So, i'm going to let you know of a few tricks in case you have something going on and need a little healthy push in the right direction.

You'll need to flush your system and get your blood moving a bit. One way to do it is in the shower. This, personally, doesn't work for me. Because I love me a hot shower. But my sister swears by it (also, a good cure for a hangover!). You take your shower (don't forget to wash behind your ears!), then for about 30 seconds each you switch from cold water to hot water. Do this a few times, end on cold and jump out. This isn't an instant cure, but it helps get the blood moving.

On the same lines, you can do this over night with a few pairs of socks. You'll need ONE pair of cotton socks and ONE pair of wool socks. Get the cotton socks damp and place them in the freezer for 2 minutes (trust me, just do it). While those socks are in the freezer, put your feet in as hot of water as you can handle. Once the two minutes are up, put the cotton socks from the freezer on your feet and layer the wool socks on top. Then hit the hay. Your feet will not be cold while you sleep, but make sure they are completely dry before you take them off in the morning. Depending on how sick you are, you may have to do this a few times.

Doing a hard work out? I hate it when I have a great workout but then am sore for a few days keeping me from the gym (because when I am motivated, I need to ride out the momentum). So, sister suggested Arnica. Its a homeopathy you can get at Whole Foods and the like. You place a few beads under your tongue after a hard workout and let them dissolve. BOOM, you're stiff muscles free.

Got something else wrong with you? Hate taking prescription drugs? Single and want to meet a hot lady!? Check out my sister's website for more information!

My not so Green Thumb.

I am too ashamed to show you pictures of the dried out tomatoes and cilantro. I just can't go there right now. I'm still lecturing the basil on drying out before I got my act together to make pesto. Although winter is fast approaching, I am starting to see an improvement in my 'gardening skills', or the plants are adapting to my 'water-when-i-feel-like-it' mentality (thanks mom!).

So, where were we? HERE...to jog your brain cells, I planted these babies back in April. Things that I have learned:

-The Topsy Turvy, not so great. For the price, and given that I have limited space to plant it was okay. But there just isn't enough dirt/nutrients for tomatoes to juice on. I had a few lone rangers out there, but my fellow squirrels beat me to the punch...but they were nice enough to leave the scraps on the deck...just to rub it in.

-Rosemary has thick skin. I think it's going through the tryouts right now to join any and all Minneapolis gangs. It survived falling off the deck twice from harsh winds, me not watering it for weeks, and any animals that flock our way. I'm almost too proud of it to eat it.

-Basil is just as tough, but they need their space. They prefer a one bedroom, and totally kicked cilantro to the curb hard. I loved cutting a few leaves for my caprese all summer. mmmm

-Peppers are so cute when they are small, and should never be allowed to grow into adulthood.

This guy is hanging on to dear life, I think it's taking a nap. Joining gangs can be exhausting. BUT, it smells delicious

SO CUTE. amiright? I have NO idea when to pick them, but it'll probably be around the time they grow too big to be cute little vegetables anymore. These babies are growing inside too, so squirrels BACK OFF!

This week just hasn't been good in the jenn-can-cook-and-grow-her-own-food category. Once again- any and all suggestions will be welcomed and will be filed under "read this next summer when you want to try and fail at this again"

Over and out kiddos!


Popping in again for the 2nd time today! BECAUSE, everyone I talk to has the same two questions that I have about Tuesday (aside from, is there a third person I can vote for?!)

1. Where do I go to vote
2. What do I need to bring to get-er-done.

So, here's whatchagotta do.

Go here for info on what to bring: http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=1624

Or just read below...

If you are not registered to vote or need to update your registration information, you may do so at your local polling location on Election Day as long as you can provide proof of residence.

To register at your polling place on Election Day, you must bring one of the following with your current name and address to verify your residence in the precinct :
  • A valid Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit, Minnesota ID card, or receipt for any of these
  • A valid student ID card including your photo, if your college has provided a student housing list to election officials
  • A Tribal ID card that contains your picture and signature
  • A valid registration in the same precinct under a different name or address
  • A notice of late registration sent to you by your county auditor or city clerk
  • A voter registered in the same precinct as you who can confirm your address with a signed oath
  • An employee of the residential facility where you live who can confirm your address with a signed oath
  • If your photo ID does not have your current address you will need both 1) a photo ID from the list below, and 2) a current bill from the list below with your current name and address in the precinct
Photo IDs (may be expired)  
  • Minnesota Driver's License
  • Minnesota ID Card
  • United States Passport
  • United States Military ID Card
  • Tribal ID Card
  • Minnesota University, College, or Technical College ID Card
Utility bill due within 30 days of election day:
  • Telephone (landline, cell, VOIP, etc.)
  • TV (cable, satellite, etc.)
  • Internet services
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solid Waste
  • Sewer Services
  • Water
  • Rent statement dated within 30 days of election day that itemizes utilities
  • Current student fee statement
(info pasted from: http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=1624)

Now, WHERE do you vote? Look it up by your address: http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

Apparently I am voting at a park? Interesting...


not really, but you probably should.



A Halloween Horror Story

We have been watching all of the 'traditional' Halloween movies this past week, its kindof like Christmas  but super scary. We started with Friday the Thirteenth, Sorority Row (I slept through it all), Nightmare on Elm Street, Cabin Fever, Halloween and Hocus Pocus. How on earth did we have all of that time? Still unsure, but it happened.

In the midst of this movie binge, the roommate had to make a snack for a holiday work competition. So I introduced him to Pinterest where we found this recipe from Gracious Rain. Here is what it looked like: yummmmmmy!

Looks easy...RIGHT? Melt butterscotch, dip apples into them and cover with sprinkles. THANKFULLY the roommate bought THREE bags of butterscotch, so we could burn two whole bags and still have some remaining morsels.

Here's how it went down.

First we scooped out little bits from the apples, and ate the rest of the apple (not in the directions, but highly recommended)

mmm toppings, sprinkles and nuts.

Now, the roommate bought birthday candles to stick into the apples because he was frustrated at the grocery store and couldn't think of ANYTHING else to stick into the apples (the recipe uses suckers and that threw him a curve ball). Thankfully, I had some toothpicks.

SO, here is where we failed MISERABLY and would love any tips on, well, basically how to cook. First we tried melting it in a pan, had a window of about 3 seconds until it burned (no, it wasn't on a high temp). THEN we tried the microwave, same issue, we also tried adding water- yuck.

Then we read the back of the bag and realized we didn't have the proper mechanism to heat said morsels...and tried the stove again, smaller amounts, lower heat, quick dipping...

Yeah, they don't look anything like Gracious Rain's, but they were GOOD! I think next time, we'll skip the butterscotch and just use caramel. Or maybe skip it all together and just eat another bag of butterscotch chips.

How was your weekend?! Fail at cooking anything yummy?!

IT'S DONE! (the table, duh)

SO, this alllll started in a mid summer night's dream when the tenants across the ally were moving. What excites me about people moving? They alllllways toss things away irrationally. Which brings us to this table! Perfectly good shape, a little wobbly leg and a horrible stain color. 

I fixed the leg with a little guerrilla glue and then began tackling the top. I wanted a dark rich stain, so I sanded....and sanded....and then got a new sander from my parents (which is AWESOME because it vacuums up the dust as you sand, amazing)...and kept sanding.

As mentioned in this post, I have a hate-hate relationship with the stain I chose for the chairs. BUT, against all better judgement, I tried it again on the table. EPIC FAIL. Such a big fail that I refused to go into the garage to look at the table for weeks, hoping it would fix itself (and refusing to capture it in an image). So, once I got the courage, I started back at square one, and sanded...sanded....sanded.... Then bought this wood stain:

SO BEAUTIFUL. Its the exact color I was hoping for. I could look at that baby alll day. Can't wait to bring it into the house in all it's glory.

For some reason, the stain on the outside edge was a little darker in some places, which I really liked. I tried adding the stain back on in those areas but it wouldn't stay as dark as I liked. So I taped off the edges, bought a semi-gloss black paint and added a ribbon around the edge.

mmmm. yummy. A few coats of poly and this baby is done!

What do you think? An improvement?!

Have a happy friday everyone!