A girls week, or when we rode bikes in Europe

OMG. controlling my excitement right now is HARD people. Remember when I went HERE (france) and HERE (spain)?


WELL. I may or may not have mentioned that my friend pocket (nickname, not actual name) did a little video montage of the trip. AND SHE'S DONE EDITING.


Check it.

Not only is that like my favorite song to jam, but it captures the trip SO well. eating, biking, buildings, water, drinking...ahh those were the days.

Favorite parts:
-Em headbangin at a stellar bar in Madrid our first night out (:50)
-Emma's dancing skillz
-Lindsay's inability to look at the camera and not laugh
-How we walk when we are exhausted (1:50)
-Emily's tooth brush dance (1:51)
---OMG I could keep going but I WON'T, so just watch.

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