A Halloween Horror Story

We have been watching all of the 'traditional' Halloween movies this past week, its kindof like Christmas  but super scary. We started with Friday the Thirteenth, Sorority Row (I slept through it all), Nightmare on Elm Street, Cabin Fever, Halloween and Hocus Pocus. How on earth did we have all of that time? Still unsure, but it happened.

In the midst of this movie binge, the roommate had to make a snack for a holiday work competition. So I introduced him to Pinterest where we found this recipe from Gracious Rain. Here is what it looked like: yummmmmmy!

Looks easy...RIGHT? Melt butterscotch, dip apples into them and cover with sprinkles. THANKFULLY the roommate bought THREE bags of butterscotch, so we could burn two whole bags and still have some remaining morsels.

Here's how it went down.

First we scooped out little bits from the apples, and ate the rest of the apple (not in the directions, but highly recommended)

mmm toppings, sprinkles and nuts.

Now, the roommate bought birthday candles to stick into the apples because he was frustrated at the grocery store and couldn't think of ANYTHING else to stick into the apples (the recipe uses suckers and that threw him a curve ball). Thankfully, I had some toothpicks.

SO, here is where we failed MISERABLY and would love any tips on, well, basically how to cook. First we tried melting it in a pan, had a window of about 3 seconds until it burned (no, it wasn't on a high temp). THEN we tried the microwave, same issue, we also tried adding water- yuck.

Then we read the back of the bag and realized we didn't have the proper mechanism to heat said morsels...and tried the stove again, smaller amounts, lower heat, quick dipping...

Yeah, they don't look anything like Gracious Rain's, but they were GOOD! I think next time, we'll skip the butterscotch and just use caramel. Or maybe skip it all together and just eat another bag of butterscotch chips.

How was your weekend?! Fail at cooking anything yummy?!

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  1. Hi my love! When melting chocolate (or butterscotch? who knows) fashion yourself a double boiler. You will need - a pot and a glass bowl that you can rest on top of the pot so it goes into the pot, but does not touch the bottom. (Does that make sense?) Fill the pot with an inch or so of water and put the bowl on top. Wait for the water to start simmering/boiling, and then put your chocolate/butterscotch/whatever chips/pieces into the bowl. STIR CONSTANTLY. Even in the beginning when it feels like nothing is happening. STIR or else it will seize up and you have a ruined mess! Eventually it will all melt into liquid deliciousness for your apples/strawberries/bananas/etc. XOXO