A Handmade Christmas

Cousin Alex, Sister Erin, Cousin Hailey, Aunt Kathy, Sister Katie and Little Cousin Gracie

Happy Cyber Monday! Isn't it funny how fast Thanksgiving passes and we fall into the buy-as-much-as-possible mode? Well, this year, I have decided to make most of my gifts (shocker, right?!). Unfortunately I won't be able to share these with you until after the holidays, excitement about a gift is much better if they haven't seen how you made it...amiright?!

SO, i'll give you a little sneak peak to hold ya over until January...

1. This 'project' will be revealed this week...its not a gift, but can be if anyone wants some! I literally needed 3tsp of that Epsom salt....more on that later this week
2. This project is also not a gift, and is almost done! hopefully I can show more this week
3. Super secret gift!
4. An american girl doll bed! For my little cousin..hopefully making my bed first will get the creative juices going!
5. Another secret project, but this is my grandpa's old binding machine- can't wait to put it to some use!
6. A book, for any crafting/homework/work breaks
7. tunes to keep me rollin'
8. gotta stay hydrated!

SO! There you have it, my next few projects...in addition to my bed, which will be started next weekend! Woo!

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