Bedtime Blues

Okay peeps, i'm going to try my largest DIY project yet soonish hereish. A bed. BOOM. Thanks Ana-White for the 'women power- I can do anything' mentality. So, why make a bed?
First of all, I am currently using the whole metal frame on wheels deal, and I feel that as I hit my quarter-life crisis, I might need a cute bed to make me feel all adult-legit. Its a coming of age thing, I think?
ANY whooser. Saturday I went to Ikea. Which, If you have never been there, its a HORRIBLE idea to go on the weekends. I already knew this, so I did the smart thing- online shopped and then b-lined it to the correct section of ikea. I wanted a simple bed frame, wood, and preferrable an upholstered headboard for a trailer park budget. (duh, that's why I was going to Ikea kids). So under the "full, queen, king" section of ikea (this detail is important, stay tuned), I found this gem:
FJELLSE Bed frame IKEA Solid wood, a hardwearing natural material.

Perfection. Solid wood, I can finish with any stain i'd like. And a headboard screaming for batting and a bright colored fabric. All for $50, and I was willing to make the adjustments it needed.
So, ventured into Ikea with two strong men in tow (didn't wanna break a nail carrying that sucker out) and this prize in mind. ONLY to find that it only comes in FULL. Queen or bust peeps. Thanks misleading website gods!
After I pouted in the bedroom isle, I picked up a few other treats to lighten my mood and headed home.
Then began convincing myself that I can make the bed frame- easy peasy (famous last words? We shall find out...) and drew up some plans on how I could build it. If anyone is reading this and knows anything about anything, suggestions are encouraged.

So, here is the frame. Made up of 2x4. One major ish that I have is I want it to come apart, so moving is easy. Because moving sucks, and having to carry a huge heavy bed doesn't sound coo coo with me.

So each colored section will be removable by hinges from the other sections (i've seen a few that will work, i'm hoping the HD has something any thoughts?!)

Since these are 2x4 and i'll want to stain the pretty wood, I will attach boards to the outside for a finished look, hiding part of the box spring.

Then, if i'm not fed up with this project yet, i'll make a head board with MDF and 2x4's, upholstering it with some fabric? Perhaps tufffffted? Perhaps i'm too lazy? Wanna take bets?!

TADAA, here is what my bed would look like in sketchup world...hopefully the real one will look better! I plan to have this baby built and stained by mid-december...stay tuned!

Again, suggestions/know if this is going to fall apart?

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