IT'S DONE! (the table, duh)

SO, this alllll started in a mid summer night's dream when the tenants across the ally were moving. What excites me about people moving? They alllllways toss things away irrationally. Which brings us to this table! Perfectly good shape, a little wobbly leg and a horrible stain color. 

I fixed the leg with a little guerrilla glue and then began tackling the top. I wanted a dark rich stain, so I sanded....and sanded....and then got a new sander from my parents (which is AWESOME because it vacuums up the dust as you sand, amazing)...and kept sanding.

As mentioned in this post, I have a hate-hate relationship with the stain I chose for the chairs. BUT, against all better judgement, I tried it again on the table. EPIC FAIL. Such a big fail that I refused to go into the garage to look at the table for weeks, hoping it would fix itself (and refusing to capture it in an image). So, once I got the courage, I started back at square one, and sanded...sanded....sanded.... Then bought this wood stain:

SO BEAUTIFUL. Its the exact color I was hoping for. I could look at that baby alll day. Can't wait to bring it into the house in all it's glory.

For some reason, the stain on the outside edge was a little darker in some places, which I really liked. I tried adding the stain back on in those areas but it wouldn't stay as dark as I liked. So I taped off the edges, bought a semi-gloss black paint and added a ribbon around the edge.

mmmm. yummy. A few coats of poly and this baby is done!

What do you think? An improvement?!

Have a happy friday everyone!

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